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Our Classes & Levels

At LIYB, 2017/18 school year, we offer 4 tracks of instruction, currently running through June 2018. A warm and personal in-studio presentation will take place at the end of June for all registered students.

~ Summer instruction including classes in technique, point, variations, Pas de Deux, contemporary, folk dance and Pilates will be posted this spring. Summer arts and crafts will also be offered for our elementary school age students. Watch for upcoming news on summer schedule !!!

~ BABY BALLET coming this March 2018, please watch for details and schedule. Baby groups (10-24 months) and (toddler class 2-3 years)

ballet room

**Friday 5:30-6:15 reserved for (TBA) boys class, Pilates or contemporary guest teacher.

~Single classes (Technique only $25)

~No charge for placement/evaluation class.

~Individual Instruction can be discussed with director.

** please note, schedule may change without notice. All new registrations for January- June is a $20 fee. Yearly tuitions are made in quarterly payments or according to level..
First payment due at registration; Sept, Oct, Nov / Dec, Jan / Feb, March / April, May, June (Allowances can be discussed)
First payment due at registration.